End-to-End Process Management

What inspires us the most? The fact that we have developed a platform that enables business users to build applications they need in the easiest and the well-organized manner.

Why Creatio CRM?

A Process Driven Platform

Company growth is usually followed by an evolution of the company processes. The processes become more and more complex in order to meet new business demands and match its growth. Market leaders strive to use corporate information systems as the means for implementation of all process updates. But in many cases processes get stuck into a proprietary system, like ERP, leaving no chance for them to be integrated at a low cost.

Creatio workflow management software allows you to overcome these hurdles. There is no need to rebuild from the ground up, your entire system can be aligned with your processes. Business processes are the backbone of the Creatio platform and as such, whether deciding to apply some innovation or changing the user interface, there is no need for costly programming. All that is required is to update the business process model, and new features will be implemented in the BPM system.

Applications that are based on the Creatio platform provide a complete set of tools for business process management, including instruments for process design, execution, monitoring and analysis.

The Platform is based on the BPMN standard. This guarantees that diagrams of processes are easy for everyone to comprehend – from the analysts that develop the workflows as well as the technical staff that implements this logic to the end user that will work under the process.

The Creatio platform is a great money saver because it can reduce costs on system customization, legacy integration and process management. There are many solutions that are already built on this platform, e.g. a CRM System or Software for managing service desk tasks.